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World Leader in Calcined Magnesia

Causmag International, a subsidiary of Orind Australia Pty. Ltd. has been mining and manufacturing high grade magnesium oxide products for use in agriculture, animal health, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, for over 60 years.

Causmag magnesium oxides are derived from high purity natural magnesites from our mining operations at Thuddungra near Young, NSW Australia. The magnesites are cryptocrystalline with small crystallite size – high density and very high purity.

Controlled calcination and processing of this superior feedstock with tight control at all stages ensures top quality magnesia products, with the following desirable chemical and physical characteristics:

  • Very high MgO content – with corresponding low impurity levels.
  • Consistent chemical and physical properties.
  • High bulk densities, leading to reduced demand on storage and handling.
  • High chemical reactivity.

Causmag magnesias are available in a wide range of particle size from granular to superfine powders. All products are packaged to the highest standards, providing maximum protection and positive grade identification.

We currently export our products to USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and South Africa at competitive prices.
The diversity of particle size enables Causmag products to be employed in an ever widening variety of applications. Several grades of Causmag MgO and MgCO3 have been developed and tailored for specific agricultural and industrial purposes.

Group Companies

Young Mining Co Pty Ltd and Causmag Ore Co. Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of Orind Australia Pty Ltd.

Other major activities of the group:

  • Refractory production
  • Refractory application and engineering
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Ceramic colours and stains manufacturing
  • Global trading

Worldwide Offices : India, Australia, China and Hong Kong

Management - The Key People

Mr. Surendra Jhunjhunwala

(born in 1952), Chairman

He is a metallurgical and ceramic engineer. Had training in Harbinson Walker Refractories International, USA.

Mr. Jhunjhunwala has been associated for over 30 years with various companies of the Orind group in senior Director level positions. Orind was started by his forefathers who also founded the first industry of Orissa state in India in the 1930s.

He has made major contributions in the growth of the group in the field of refractories, magnesite, ceramic pigments and other ceramic products.

He has widely travelled and visited various refractories, ceramics and steel plants in different parts of the world.

He has actively participated in many international conferences, expositions in countries like USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

He has been associated with different organizations as listed below:

1. American Ceramic Society, USA Member
2. Indo American Society, Mumbai Life Member
3. Indo American Chamber of Commerce (Orissa Chapter) Ex-Committee Member
4. Australian Ceramic Society, Australia Member
5. Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi Ex-Committee Member (Refractory Committee)
6. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Alumni
7. Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Orissa Ex-Committee Member
8. Lions Club of Bhubaneswar Past President
9. Indian Red Cross Society Patron Member
10. Orissa Cricket Association Life Member
11. Cricket Association of Bengal Life Member

Besides above, he is involved with many charitable and philanthropic organizations.

Mr. H.K.Agrawal


Mr. H.K. Agrawal (born 1947) is a Mechanical Engineer (1969-University of Jodhpur – India) and MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, India (the most prestigious management institution in India). He had a brilliant academic career securing Gold Medals in both – Engineering and MBA.

For first 13 years of his career (till 1984), Mr. Agrawal worked with various large industrial organizations in Public as well as Private sectors in India. Since 1984, he is an independent Management Consultant. His strengths are in the fields of Strategic Management, Organisation Structure, Finance and Training. During his career, Mr. Agrawal has consulted with several multinationals, large Indian corporates, small enterpreneurial organisations as well as developmental institutions. He is also a visiting faculty to many institutes in India.

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