Superfine Reactive Magnesium Oxide


Causmag® XLM is a highly reactive calcined Cryptocrystalline magnesite, produced under closely controlled conditions and precision milled to a superfine particle size, achieving maximum surface area and high chemical reactivity.


Causmag® XLM is used to supplement sheep and cattle diets where Magnesium levels may be low. Magnesium has a role in metabolism, formation of bone and teeth as well as maintenance of nervous function. It is widely used in the dairy industry for dosing of dairy cattle and to assist in milk fat production. An aqueous slurry applied daily by drench gun provides a quick, clean, positive and economical method of application. XLM high surface area and superfine particle size assists in the bioavailability of magnesia to the animal. Causmag® XLM is also used in the formulation of mineral feed premixes.

XLM is also used in metal precipitation, water treatment, and industrial applications where a high reactivity and surface area are beneficial.


Typical Specification
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)% Ignited Basis 97.0 96.0 min
Calcium Oxide (CaO) % 1.3 1.7 max
Silica (SiO2) % 1.3 1.7 max
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) % 0.2 0.3 max
Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) % 0.3 0.3 max
Loss on ignition % 2.5 3.5 max
Magnesium (Mg) 58.5 57.5 min
As < 0.5 ppm
Cd < 0.1 ppm
Hg < 0.01ppm
Pb < 0.5 ppm

Physical Properties

Bulk Density, loose, kg/m3 (lb/ft3) 500 (31) N/A
Mean particle size, granules 5 3-8
Surface area, m2/gram 60 50-80
Citric acid activity, seconds 18 25-12
Neutralizing Value 240 N/A
Screen size, % passing 75 micron, wet(200#) 100 99.0
Screen size, % passing 45 micron, wet(350#) 95 95 min


50 bags/pallet – 20 kg

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